Thank you for your support!

Proud to be endorsed by:

Vermont State Employees’ Association

Ex. Cmte. Board, VT AFL-CIO

Rights and Democracy Vermont

Vermont – NEA

Bill McKibbon, Environmentalist & Author

Senator David Zuckerman, Hinesburg

Senator Phil Baruth, Burlington

Senator Tim Ashe, Burlington

Rep. Christopher Pearson, Burlington

City Councilor Sharon Bushor, Burlington

City Councilor Jane Knodell, Burlington

City Councilor Max Tracy, Burlington

City Councilor Sara Giannoni, Burlington

City Councilor Dave Hartnett, Burlington

City Councilor Adam Roof, Burlington

City Councilor Tom Ayres,  Burlington

City Councilor Karen Paul, Burlington

Former City Councilor Emma Mulvaney-Stanak, Burlington

Former City Councilor, Rachel Siegel, Burlington

Former City Councilor Ed Adrian, Burlington

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