Selene Colburn for VT Representative

Visiting with voters over the last month, I’ve been inspired by my neighbors’ passionate advocacy for healthcare, affordable housing, our schools and kids, climate action and more.


Yesterday I registered a new Vermont resident to vote in our state for the first time in the upcoming election cycle.

He was prepping his fishing tackle and getting ready to test paddle a new canoe on a beautiful summer day. When I told him that one of the issues I wanted to work on was improved access to opiate addiction treatment, he told me that many of his friends were struggling with this illness. At twenty-five he said, “it’s the biggest issue for my generation. Everyone knows someone who has been touched by it.”

His words were a powerful reminder of what’s at stake in this election and reaffirmed my commitment to keep fighting for humane solutions to the challenging issues facing Vermonters.

But I can’t do it alone. As a city councilor, I’ve relied on the expertise and passion of my constituents to help shape policy and to advocate for change. As your state representative in Montpelier, I promise to work hard for you every day, to listen and to collaborate, and to hear all points of view. Together we can do great things!

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