Share Your Feedback on Parking in Burlington

Park by Ross Pollack

As many of you know, the city is undertaking studies on parking in both residential and downtown neighborhoods. Reports and recommendations are expected in 2015.Screen Shot of Parking Presentation

We’re also seeing changes to parking fees currently enacted in our downtown, along with the installation of smart meters.

If you missed the November 19th presentation and forum on parking, you can catch up via channel 17 coverage.

The city now has a website devoted to parking information, where you can learn more about ongoing studies and current policies. You can also access an interactive map that allows you to post comments tied to different locations in the city.

Screen Shot of Parking Tool

I heard concerns about how parking is working in our city loud and clear when I spoke with so many of you in my door-to-door discussions last winter. Please share your questions and concerns directly with these tools, or with me.

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