Together we can build a Vermont where all are welcome and can thrive.


Ensure equal rights for all

  • Dismantle systemic racism in Vermont
  • Eliminate bias in our education, criminal justice, housing, and healthcare systems
  • Protect and empower marginalized Vermonters
  • Truly welcome immigrants and refugees
  • Fight for reproductive freedom and women’s rights
Visiting with seniors to discuss healthcare needs.

Create an economy that works for all Vermonters

  • Enact a $15 an hour minimum wage and paid family leave policies
  • Develop affordable housing solutions for all, including families, students, seniors, and all income levels
  • Reimagine education funding through progressive models that relieve burdens on low- and middle-income Vermonters, without sacrificing quality public education
  • Protect consumers and workers from corporate abuse
Rallying for public education

Build a sustainable environment for future generations

  • Make Vermont a national leader in green economy and innovation
  • Meet statutory goals to reduce carbon emissions
  • Clean up our lakes and water sources; protect endangered ecosystems and species
  • Move Vermont away from a carbon-based economy through regenerative agriculture, carbon pricing, and divestment/re-investment
Rallying for climate action

Develop new models of justice and healing

  • Decriminalize substance use disorder, mental health crisis, poverty, and racial identity
  • Expand access to treatment and harm reduction approaches
  • Protect and empower victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, while working to prevent these crimes
  • Use restorative justice, diversion programs, and treatment courts to reduce recidivism and improve public safety
  • Reduce Vermont’s prison population and oppose the use of for-profit, out-of-state prisons
Celebrating a gift to the Howard Center’s Safe Recovery program